Victoria / by Kendall Whiteley

It's that time of year; the time to celebrate your accomplishments and document your self-confidence while approaching your new adventure! 

Victoria possessed the most beautiful spirit while radiating sheer confidence. Her boho beauty and earthy vibe gave us THE best canvas to create these images with! Just look at HER...I mean, does it get better than this?! Victoria's own passion and eye for photography + film quickly become a topic of discussion. As she guided effortlessly through poses, showed her knowledge of lighting + shadows, and voiced her general curiosity of the business, we were amazed! We loved picking her brain! 

Victoria will be graduating from Hardin Valley Academy this May. As she should be, she is thrilled for her future! She dreams to graduate with her criminal justice degree (with a huge wish to minor in photography). We know she will accomplish everything she sets out to accomplish! This chick is going places, y'all better watch out! :P