Summer & Chris / by Kendall Whiteley

Last year, Summer and Chris came to us to discuss wedding plans! Chris had finally popped the question! We were more than thrilled that they chose us to be a part of this special time in their lives! Shortly after that, Summer and Chris gave us the news that they would be moving their wedding date and having a small elopement-type ceremony in Colorado. A few of their closest friends and being members, including their adorable 2 year old son Jackson, Will be hiking to a quiet spot up in the Colorado mountains. Their original plans did not feel right so they simply decided to follow their hearts! We loved hearing about their new plans, you could just see the excitement on their faces! 

For their engagement session, Summer and Chris wanted to showcase one of their favorite things – road tripping!! We immediately fell in love with their idea! These two have been together for 2 years but have known each other for 12 years! You could say they were meant to be! Chris's sister let us borrow her antique impala and we headed to "The Tail of the Dragon"! We drove around for a few hours, blaring country music, and enjoying the mountain scene. Clients like either make our job worthwhile.