Samantha & Lucas / by Kendall Whiteley

When the session feels likes you've been on a double date through the city, you know the clients were meant for you + YOU were meant for the clients! That's exactly how we felt during Sam & Lucas' engagement session--->

Aside from being so darn cute together (I mean come ON!), Sam & Lucas are incredibly kind, easy-going, hilarious, and they simply complete each other. Oh and they are obsessed with beer, Gay St and a good time aka: they are basically our client-soul mates. 

These two met through mutual friends at AGE 16! They became friends of friends of friends (you know the story) who would only occasionally chat. Well, fast forward to last year; Sam decided she wanted to make a move on her cute + incredible friend! Not only did it work out to be the best decision of her life but she also found herself a future husband. On May 19, Lucas got down on one knee and popped the question. Her answer was, of course, YES! We can't wait to be apart of their big day next May! 

PS. These two look so sincerely happy because:

  1. They are in love, duh
  2. The week before their session they closed on their dream home! EEEEEKKKKK!! ️️️