R&M / by Kendall Whiteley

Robert & Madeline were married in October and it was such a beautiful day! 6 months later, they were camping in North Carolina and we met them in the mountains to celebrate half a year of being Mr & Mrs. 

Shooting with these two is such a dream. They are such a beautiful, in love couple. It brought us back to the day they got married. They chose to shoot their 1/2 anniversary in the mountains, to show off their adventurous/exploring side. We loved getting to explore the many waterfalls in NC with them. Dipping our toes in the freezing water, smooching under the tallest waterfall in NC, chasing that golden light and *trying desperately hard* not to fall in at any point. One of us fell in but we will never tell who is who! (Okay, it was Robert :P) 

The soothing sound of the waterfall made this session even more romantic and honestlty, so relazing. We loved that Madeline chose to wear a cute/casual sundress, staying true to her earthy soul. We are so grateful for clients who take us on their adventures + we are so grateful we didn't drop our equipment during this adventure :P (Not pictured is Elsie, their adorable pup, who was wondering around taking in the elements herself)