Payton / by Kendall Whiteley

We met the Baker family last year and immediately fell in love with them! We have shot with this amazing group several times because they have two beautiful graduating daughters, Paige & Payton! This session was focused on their youngest daughter, Payton. 

Besides being obviously stunningly gorgeous, I mean THAT HAIR is to die for (am I right?!?), Payton has a heart of pure gold and a genuine heart. You just can't help but smile when you're around her! She radiates happiness and confidence. We loved her choice of a softer bohemian + earthy vibe for her session. She chose Norris Dam State Park and it fit her look so well! We had so much fun running in the fields, chasing the sunlight and fake-laughing until our sides hurt. 

Payton will be graduating from Halls High school this year. She is eager to finish the school year and continue her education at UTC where she will be bringing with her two best friends! We have truly loved watching Payton become the well-rounded person she is today. We know she will be successful in anything she tries to accomplish! We can't wait to see her succeed! 

HAIR | Desilee Cassidy // MUA | Chesni Ballinger