Mommy & Daughter / by Kendall Whiteley

Summer ain't over y'all! This pool-side-popsicle session is proof of that! Our client AND beauty queen friend, Kayla is preggo with another BABY GIRL! What better to celebrate than with a mommy-daughter pool day before she makes her debut?!

As you guys know, the Courtney family has been apart of our lives since their first baby girl Willow was born. We have watched her grow, learn, and become the sweet + sassy 2 year old she is today with the influence from her amazing family. Although the Courtney family just knew they would have a boy, they were surprised to learn that Willow would become a big sister to a sister!! So that basically means these two will be best friend for life. Willow can teach her ALL the perks of being a sassy Courtney baby! She is already absolutely spoiled and loved + Willow calls her sweet Sissy Mae! (Her name will be Lily Mae, how cute is that?!)

Before Lily makes her appearance, Kayla wanted to enjoy her last summer being a mother to an only child. Willow is the one who first made Kayla a mother and these two share such a special bond that no one can break. These two wanted to celebrate that special bond with their favorite things; summer, POOLING, popsicle, bubbles, giggles and LOVE! We loved spending time watching this mommy-daughter duo creating memories that will last a lifetime all while Lily Mae got to go for a swim with them too. We can not wait to see this girl-crew grow!

FLOWER CROWNS | Winky Sugar // SWIM SUITS | Kortni Jeane