Melissa & Sam / by Kendall Whiteley

In-home sessions are a great option during the colder months, especially for a couple struggling with deciding on a location that is meaningful to them. What's better than documenting the place where you and your significant other share so many memories together?  

Sam & Melissa knew their first home, that they bought together last August, would set the perfect mood for their 1 year anniversary session. And on a cold & rainy day, like we had for their session, who doesn't love getting cozy on their own sofa?! The Alley's have learned that married life can be hard but they have enjoyed living, learning, and growing together in their first year of marriage! Melissa has embraced her love (and talent, am I right?!) for decorating. Her favorite room is the living room, with its stunning pops of gold, and we couldn't agree more! Sam was just as surprised as Melissa when he learned that he loved to vacuum! This will come in handy when these two are ready for puppies very soon! Or maybe when they have little Alley children running around tearing up the place!? :P

We love how easy it felt documenting the love that these two share! It is apparent that there will be many more anniversaries in the future! We are so grateful to have been apart of creating memories of their first one!