M&K / by Kendall Whiteley

Makalynn & Kevin are the cutest darn couple ever! Whats better than spending the evening with the one you love, on your families 155 acre farm, surrounded by the ponies that you helped raise? This right here is young, sweet, simple and true love. 

These two country souls met through mutual friends a few years back and have been together for 2 years. This May, Kevin asked Makalynn to marry him and next May they will be making that dream come true! For their engagement session, they wanted to incorporate a location that was very meaningful to them both-Kevin's family farm. This is the farm that HIS parents first lived on, (if you look closely, you'll see the tiny blue house that his parents bought after they first got married years ago) and the farm that he grew up on. It was truly amazing hearing about the adventures he had on this farm. Kevin even witnessed the white horse being born! 

We can only imagine how many more memories these two will make on this farm AND everywhere else together. They both have such kind hearts and joyous spirits. We can not wait to document their special bond on their wedding day. The countdown begins! <3