Lairame & Elijah / by Kendall Whiteley

On a summer evening we finally got to meet Lairame & Elijah for their engagement session, after having to cancel because of crazy Tennessee rain! They decided they wanted to go to the beautiful Botanical Gardens because they are nature lovers + the stunning stone detailing couldn't keep them away! We couldn't agree more! The blooming gardens paired with Lairame's floral maxi and Elijah's pale pink button-down was to die for! We love when everything comes together so beautifully! 

Lairame & Elijah both share a love for each other AND for elementary teaching; Elijah just graduated (woohoo!) and Lairame will be graduating next year! They both are so soft spoken with the kindest hearts, they will both make perfect elementary school teachers. (They also both share a love for one of our favorite things; corgis! :P)

We absolutely loved getting to know them and we cannot wait for their wedding in November at Meadhaven