K&N / by Kendall Whiteley

After having to cancel our last session together, this TN weather is crazy, we decided to choose a location that had an indoor option (just in case) for Kara & Nick's engagement session. Little did we know that Kara's late mother had gotten married in this same spot years ago. Y’all can’t tell us things don’t happen for a reason! How special is that?!

When we first met Kara, we instantly clicked. Sometimes you just get that feeling that clients will become friends. We found out that Kara knows SO man of our friends/clients that we have worked with in the past AND she works with Tyler's aunt. Small world! We were so pumped to find out more about her wedding day plans and meet this incredible person who has won her over. You can tell that Nick loves Kara with all of his heart and vice versa. Their session was so easy because when two people are in love, magic just happens! They said they were awkward, but puuuhhleeezzz. Just look at them! (We even celebrated how amazing they did with a bottle of champagne, told you we would be instant friends :P )

This February Nick proposed to Kara, with her mothers stunning sapphire, and Kara said DUH. They will be getting married this November at Heartland Meadows. We are already counting down the days.