H&J / by Kendall Whiteley

"The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly." Neither Hannah nor Josh could have ever expected to find their soul mates when their parents set them when they were just FOURTEEN. They always say mother knows best! 

We have seen so many wonderful couples over the years but none have seemed SO incredibly connected like Hannah & Josh. They are truly soul mates and they literally compliment each other perfectly. When we met these two for coffee a few months back, there was an immediate friendship between us all! Hannah is a chatter-box, like Kendall, and Josh is more reserved, like Tyler (also Josh & Tyler are way taller than us girls but hey, we don't care! :P). We could not wait to start documenting their love and learning more about their life together. 

During their engagement session, at the lovely Norris Dam State park, they brought along the most important member of the family-their insanely cute Husky, Mia! She was THE sweetest and maybe the most hyper (lol) pupster ever! We loved running around with her and getting tons of kisses! When we got Hannah & Josh alone, that true connection started showing. They made this session SO easy and SO fun! We could not stop laughing. At one point we had Hannah wispher "sweet nothings" into Josh's ear and she said "Let's get tacos after this." Seriously, they are #couplesgoals. I mean, after being together for 8 YEARS, if you don't still enjoy running, dancing, twirling and fake-laughing together then are you even meant to be?!