Gipson / by Kendall Whiteley

"If I had a flower for every-time you made me smile or laugh, I'd have a garden to walk in forever."

We met Tatiana and Burt in March 2016 when they came to us for their maternity session! They were the sweetest couple, so in love and so excited to be bringing a child into the world together! It was even more exciting because they did not find out until the day she was born that they would be having a little baby girl! 

Miss Elizabeth Cordelia (Libby for short) was born on May, 21, 2016 which means we got to celebrate her first birthday with her! Her mommy and daddy wanted to do something special to ensure her full-of-life and bright personality would shine! What's brighter than a greenhouse in spring?! ((the answer is nothing....except for maybe Libby)) A member of the Gipson family, Tatiana's amazing aunt, owns and operates McMahan Plants and was kind enough to welcome us for this session. We absolutely loved how it all turned out, what do you think?!