Courtney Girls / by Kendall Whiteley

"Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore."

You guys already know that the Courtney family is basically our favorite family muse. They are not only the cutest family on the planet but they are great friends of ours who quickly have become family. We have been through SO many wonderful milestones with them, we are losing count! This time it was time to celebrate Lily Mae's 1/2 birthday! All of the memories we have had with her big sister, we will now be having with her! Time flies yall! 

We chose to shoot at The Hive Knoxville, aka the most adorable event venue ever! Seeing these three loving on each other is the best. Kayla is such a great mother to these kiddos and her beauty obviously is being passed to her girls. Willow is such an amazing big sister, playing peekaboo, singing songs, and squeezing on her baby sister during the whole session. It is so crazy how much the girls are alike-its like looking at a miniature Willow! Arent they both incredibly beautiful?!!? Those blue eyes, yall my heart explodes! Daddy is going to have his hands full in the future!!  

Shooting with Lily takes us back to the first time we met the Courtney family, 3 years ago for Willow's 4 month portraits! We truly love these guys and have loved watching their family grow.