Courtney party of 4 / by Kendall Whiteley

As you all may know, the Courtney family has been a part of our lives for almost 3 years now. When we first started T&K Photography, we didn’t have a clue where our photographic direction would take us. This family made us fall in love with shooting families and changed T&K forever. We met Kayla, Michael and Willow when Willow was only 4 months old. We have watched Willow grow over these three years, we have witnessed triumphs and defeats together, we have laughed together, we have cried together, and most importantly we have supported each other through it all. We truly feel that this family is a part of OUR family.

When Kayla announced to us that she was pregnant, we were overjoyed. We were overjoyed that Kayla & Michael (and the whole family) would be able to share their love and care with another small being. We were overjoyed that Willow would be able to share life with a sibling, who we later found out was going to be a sister (even more exciting!). We were overjoyed that we would be able to document this journey of theirs from the start! We were a little hesitant at first because HOW on earth could we love another Courtney child more than we love little Willow?! Then we realized that the love we have for the Courtney family will simply grow even more as their family grows! So basically our hearts will explode, but we can’t wait! :P

This session is extremely special to us, and to this family, because it will be the last session with just the three of them. A celebration of the years they have spent together as a family of three. A celebration to end this chapter of their lives and welcoming the next. Kayla is due this month and she is SO eager and excited to meet Lily Mae (we are obsessed with her name). Even if she did not feel like it, we thought she was glowing during this session. She has strength and beauty that we have not yet seen in another person before. She is going to be the best mother of two. Bring it on Lily Mae!