Cole Wedding / by Kendall Whiteley

When pure love meets simplistic & a little bit of rustic (I mean, Erik IS a farmer) you get a sweet, calm, easy-going wedding day focused on cerebrating that pure love.  Enjoy Kirsten & Erik's special day.

Held on a family farm in Dandridge TN, Kirsten & Erik + their closest friends and family came together to witness these two tying the knot. When we arrived, family members were all on board with bringing their special day together,  by decorating the barn, tables & tents for Kirsten & Erick. We loved witnessing all that love and support. As soon as we saw Kirsten, she was ready to see Erik (actually they were  both ready to see each other) so thats exactly what we did! We took these two in a quiet spot behind their ceremony, in the middle of the woods to document their first look. Once Kirsten & Erik saw each other they were ready to do the dang thang.

Tucked away in a woodsy cove, next to the farm, these two would be tying the knot. Friends and family gathered while these two exchanged vows, planted a tree that represented their growth as a couple, and finally watched Erik kiss his bride! We know The Coles have a lifetime of happiness coming and we could not be anymore happier for them!