Charlsea & Josh / by Kendall Whiteley

Charlsea and Josh have been together 10 years (yes we said 10 years!) and have never, not once, had professional pictures made! Say what?! We HAD to fix that! 

These two were 16 when they first started dating, so they have been through all walks of life together. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, they havesupported each other, loved each other, and been one another's best friend! THAT is the story we wanted to tell through their engagement pictures. We, of course, wanted to showcase a few of their favorite things that they share together; football (even if they support opposite teams :P) craft beer, and belly-laughs! You can say we had a good time with these two beautiful love birds! 

Charlsea and Josh currently live in Smyrna TN, both are working crazy schedules as a nurse and a counselor, so it made the day spent together even more special! We absolutely cannot wait until their wedding next year at Country Manor Acres