Cassi / by Kendall Whiteley

“Take pride in how far you have come & have faith and how far you can go.”

We photograph seniors all the time but when we get to photograph a senior that’s in OUR  family, it’s so much more special. Cassandra, or Cassi as we call her, is Tyler’s little sister. She currently attends Hardin Valley High and is insanely smart & beautiful! We are so proud of all she has accomplished but still can’t believe she’s almost 18! (time slow down please) She has a great plan for the her future so remember her face, you’ll be seeing it when she’s famous! :P

Cassi is seriously SO gorgeous and we are not just saying that because shes family. She is truly beautiful, like her momma, and it comes so effortlessly. Cassi did her own hair/makeup too! Doesnt she look stunning?! We went back and forth all week about what outfits she should wear + loved the planning process with her. We has too much fun with it all.

We chose to take Cassi to Craggy Gardens, our favorite Mountain View in North Carolina. Tyler & Cassi’s momma even came with us to see her kiddos in action. We hiked to the top, watched the sun set, and JUST missed the storm that was rolling in. It was the best day ever.