Boudoir Sessions / by Kendall Whiteley

After much consideration, Tyler & I decided we needed to come together and create a special blog post for our clients that would showcase our knowledge regarding Boudoir Sessions. My personal mission was to establish ways to put nervous or self-conscience boudoir clients more at ease. How would I do this? By finding THE best information/tips to give our boudoir clients from start to finish and most importantly CREATE CONFIDENCE in all beautiful body types. I will be sharing exclusive boudoir tips + how it works with T&K Boudoir Sessions + a few of our very own confident client's images with you (with their permission, of course). I hope that you find it beneficial! <3


Once you have inquired and have accessed the T&K Boudoir Gallery password, a consult is set up. We ALWAYS require an in-person meeting when planning a T&K Boudoir Session. Why do this? To create a comfort level with us so that we can better understand what YOU are comfortable with + what style you like!

LOCATION: The first thing we do after we get to know you and understand what you desire in your session, we book your location with you because location is extremely important. Our favorite website to use when looking for a boudoir locations is AirBnB, there are so many different styled locations and budget friendly homes/lofts/apartments to choose from! We will look for a location with ample natural window lighting that matches the vibe you love + has plenty of space to utilize preferably 1-2 bedrooms, bathroom (claw foot tubs are a bonus!), living room, and kitchen. It is always a plus if your photographer has shot at the location because that means they will be more familiar with the lighting and the best spots to shoot with! Ask us what locations we have shot at!

STUDIES: Look at magazines and Pinterest to become familiar with boudoir poses that you love. Communicate with your photographer on your desired poses AND poses you hate so they can be aware.

WARDROBE: Choose 3-4 outfits that you feel confident in and accentuating YOUR favorite features. Keep in mind that you want outfits that you can move comfortably in.


  • Wear loose fitting clothes to your session location as bras/jeans can leave skin indentions.
  • DO NOT SPRAY TAN! (this will photograph orange-y).
  • Get your hair/makeup professional done! Ask us for recommendations! We can even bring our amazing artists on site for simpler planning.
  • Get a mani-pedi a few days before your session, make it a girl’s day!
  • Drink plenty of water with a light meal the night before your session + the morning of your session with a light breakfast.
  • Don’t skip applying lotion to those pesky spots: elbows, knees, ankles, collar bones, hands and feet on the morning of your session!
  • Be sure to communicate with your photographer on what you desire to be photo-shopped VS what you do not. For example, if you are proud of your stretch marks (as you should be!!!!) and do not desire them to be edited out VS if you are self-conscience about your stretch marks and desire them to be edited out.


OPTIONS: Bring options. Wardrobe, heels, sweaters, accessories, etc.

MUSIC: What we find to help ease our clients into becoming more comfortable is customizing a “FEELIN’ MYSELF” playlist of songs that make women feel like dancing AND confident (AKA Beyoncé & Rihanna or other divas). We never say no to song requests.

SCENT: Spraying your favorite sexy fragrance on yourself (mine is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid) will make you feel amazing!

BEVERAGE: MIMOSAS!!! Do not be afraid to have a drink to loosen up. Believe us, it helps. T&K provide your very own bottle of your favorite drink!

POSING: This is where it can become a foreign world and where that mimosa + pose studying comes in handy!

  1. Always keep your posture in mind.
  2. Use furniture, blankets, stairs, other props to your advantage.
  5. Ask to see the back of the camera as many times as you would like. It is important that you love how your poses and your body is photographing.

Any Boudoir Session can be awkward, you are right! The key is to allow yourself to loosen your mind along with your body. I hope this has brought some insight into T&K Boudoir Sessions and brings any client hesitant on booking a T&K Boudoir Session some relief! I encourage everyone to get in front of the camera, get out of your comfort zone, and enjoy it!  We look forward to hearing from all of you confident ladies out there and seeing how my tips + experiences can help YOU during your own session!