Ansley / by Kendall Whiteley

Spring may be taking its good ole time getting here but we LOVE that everything is finally transitioning from dull and gray to golden and vibrant! Here is our golden-hearted senior Ansley’s session!

Ansley came to us months ago, when the weather was SO incredibly blah, and she was dying to shoot during early spring for a woodsy yet vibrant vibe. We didn’t know at the time that the vibrancy we needed would radiate from her! Upon meeting her, she swore she was awkward and would need much assistance with posing but look at this chick!! We kept telling Ansley and her mother + sister who joined along the session that Ansley was a natural and her smiles were insanely contagious (they agreed, knowing she had it in her all along!).  Her beauty, style, and graduation excitement shined through these images making our job way too easy!

Ansley is our first ever senior from Wartburg, TN who will be graduating from Sunbright High School (how fitting is that name?!). She loved high school but, like us all, she is eager to get out there and start her journey! She will be attending college in the fall and plans to study education. Her dream job is to educate in elementary school.  Oh my goodness, how her kind heart and soft spoken personality would make a perfect kindergarten teacher! We know Ansley has a bright future ahead of her! <3