A&G / by Kendall Whiteley

“Open your hearts & find your wild.” -Atticus

Four years ago Anna got a call from her sister, who was working in New York, telling her she had a coworker named Gavin that she thought Anna should meet. Her sister even said she had a feeling that this man could be her future brother-in-law. Sisters are always right, right?!?! Well in this case, Anna’s sister hit the nail on the head! Anna agreed to meet this mystery man and the rest is history. Gavin & Anna are engaged! YAY!

We met Anna when she was a bridesmaids in another wedding we shot last year. We loved her spirit and we did a happy dance when she messaged us for her own wedding! Gavin & Anna are the epitome of an adventurous couple. They have explored so many places together including Rio, Rome, Japan, Thailand, Kauai and so many more. Gavin, of course, proposed during one of those magical vacations to make the trip even more memorable. Isn’t her ring stunning?! For their engagement session, we HAD to explore somewhere new with them. Anna researched and found a waterfall in rural part of TN + it ended up being the most amazing waterfall ever. Seriously, a hidden gem. They flew from New York the day before + we explored the following day + sent them back home just the next day! I told you they were adventurous! :P We hope this adventure is one they will add to their list to remember forever. Now the countdown for the wedding begins!