Amburn / by Kendall Whiteley

F A M I L Y:

A little bit of crazy. A little bit of loud. & A whole lot of love.

We met Ashley a few weeks ago on another session and instantly fell in love with her! Besides being absolutely beautiful-she is an amazing mother, super talented (she made the adorable hoops laced in eucalyptus you see throughout her home), and she has THE most amazing family ever. We finally got to meet that family last week! Ashley decided to do an in-home session with her husband, Connor, and their 3 year old, Holston Patrick. We literally has the best time ever AND how beautiful is their home?! We were swooning the whole time! 

In-home sessions are so different than outdoor sessions because you can interact with your family in your "usual ways" in the place that is most special. Your kiddo can jump on the sofa (dont worry-we wil ask your permission first :P), you can have tickle fights, and feel cozy at the same time! That is exactly what we did with the Amburns. Holston was THE most adorable little man ever, we almost took him home with us! He looks just like his daddy + has his momma's silly side. Seeing these three interacting seriously made our hearts SO warm! Family is literally EVERYTHING because at the end of the day, that's all you have! It was truly special to document that for the Amburns. We look forward to spending more time with them in the future.