A&R / by Kendall Whiteley

Three words to describe our time with Amber & Ryan-easygoing, beautiful, and wemade2newadventurebuddies. We will be posting tons from this session because...just look at them...duh

These two are not just an incredibly hot couple (I mean, look at them?!), they are true partners in life. They love all of the same things-doggies, mountains, exploring, sky-diving, vacations, and living their fullest lives together! When Ryan proposed, in the stunning Colorado, Amber knew she’d be saying forever to a wonderful life full of wonderful memories. And YOU GUYS, can we talk about her ring?! That multi-stoned emerald is to die for. 

It was a no-brainer to choose a location in the mountains for Amber & Ryan’s engagement session. They are currently living in Asheville while Amber finishes up her schooling so we were even in their neck of the woods. We chose Craggy Gardens because we wanted to hike a bit, explore, and watch the sunset while popping a bottle of champagne! We been put together a few paper lanterns to send off while making a few wishes! We wished for these two to have a happy marriage, of course! The countdown to their 2019 wedding day is REAL, we can not wait to share with you guys what they have planned!! It’s going to be one you won’t forget!