Amanda & Finnley / by Kendall Whiteley

"There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite as special as the love between a mother and a son." Grab the tissues! This mother/baby session will give you all of the feels! 

Something that we have wanted to do ever since starting T&K is a milk-bath photo-shoot! I know, I know, they are SO overdone but we wanted to share our milk-bath experience and how we managed to make it one of a kind! Drawing inspiration from mother nature (we wanted an overload of florals) and the intimacy of mommy/baby relationships, we knew our client Amanda and her 7 month old son, Finnley, were the perfect duo for this. After multiple obstacles Amanda and fiance, Cory, faced while trying to conceive, Finnley became their little miracle. We had to pour our hearts into these images for them to showcase the value we wanted to represent. We hope the joy and passion that Amanda shows towards her son shows in these images. Finnley is a very lucky baby boy.

Session details |  We chose The Stables at Strawberry Creek because of the gorgeous original copper bath tub located against a gorgeous window giving us plenty of natural light. This would set the perfect mood for the session. We chose a shade that complimented the copper tub for the bath-water, a deep turquoise. (We practiced creating the exact shade the night before in our own bathtub). We added a large number of flowers (make sure to test the buoyancy of the flowers you choose!) after Amanda was in, then lowered Finnley into her arms avoiding baby becoming uncomfortable in an unusual environment. Allowing mommy and Finnley to enjoy their time together, naturally, we guided slowly through process and ended the session two hours later (after a few breaks and outfit changes) adding fresh hot water/more powered milk as we needed.