Kiyomi & Matt by Kendall Whiteley

"Keep me safe. I'll keep you wild."

As soon as Kiyomi & Matt booked their wedding day with us, we started counting down the days until their engagement session. Since they both currently live in Atlanta, it would be our first time meeting in person! We decided to meet halfway in Chattanooga and spend the evening watching the sunset. 

After researching the area, Kiyomi chose Subset Rock for their session. We had perfectly breezy weather (sometimes a bit too breezy!) with a perfect golden sunset while we got to know this gorgeous couple. Aside from being incredibly cute together, these two have a super adorable (& very modern) love story. They actually met through an app! Kiyomi was out of the country when Matt made his first move, so she never saw it! Luckily, he was persistent. When she got back and saw the messages, they hit it off! The rest is history. 

Three years later, around Christmas, Matt decided it was time to propose! He knew she was THE one. He got down on one knee, she said yes, and they celebrated with friends and family. It was truly a special day and now we can’t wait for their next special day-wedding day! They will be getting married in South Carolina at Wyche Pavillion and we are PUMPED! 

R&M by Kendall Whiteley

Robert & Madeline were married in October and it was such a beautiful day! 6 months later, they were camping in North Carolina and we met them in the mountains to celebrate half a year of being Mr & Mrs. 

Shooting with these two is such a dream. They are such a beautiful, in love couple. It brought us back to the day they got married. They chose to shoot their 1/2 anniversary in the mountains, to show off their adventurous/exploring side. We loved getting to explore the many waterfalls in NC with them. Dipping our toes in the freezing water, smooching under the tallest waterfall in NC, chasing that golden light and *trying desperately hard* not to fall in at any point. One of us fell in but we will never tell who is who! (Okay, it was Robert :P) 

The soothing sound of the waterfall made this session even more romantic and honestlty, so relazing. We loved that Madeline chose to wear a cute/casual sundress, staying true to her earthy soul. We are so grateful for clients who take us on their adventures + we are so grateful we didn't drop our equipment during this adventure :P (Not pictured is Elsie, their adorable pup, who was wondering around taking in the elements herself)

K&N by Kendall Whiteley

After having to cancel our last session together, this TN weather is crazy, we decided to choose a location that had an indoor option (just in case) for Kara & Nick's engagement session. Little did we know that Kara's late mother had gotten married in this same spot years ago. Y’all can’t tell us things don’t happen for a reason! How special is that?!

When we first met Kara, we instantly clicked. Sometimes you just get that feeling that clients will become friends. We found out that Kara knows SO man of our friends/clients that we have worked with in the past AND she works with Tyler's aunt. Small world! We were so pumped to find out more about her wedding day plans and meet this incredible person who has won her over. You can tell that Nick loves Kara with all of his heart and vice versa. Their session was so easy because when two people are in love, magic just happens! They said they were awkward, but puuuhhleeezzz. Just look at them! (We even celebrated how amazing they did with a bottle of champagne, told you we would be instant friends :P )

This February Nick proposed to Kara, with her mothers stunning sapphire, and Kara said DUH. They will be getting married this November at Heartland Meadows. We are already counting down the days.  

Ruby Nashville, Styled Bridal Shoot by Kendall Whiteley

"Take me to spring. Let the flowers bloom & our love grow."

At the end of March, we were getting SO tired of the dreary & rainy weather in TN. It was supposed to be spring time, right?! Since we weren't getting anything but rain, we decided to bring spring into our work! We started planning a fun, colorful, and SPRING inspired bridal session. 

We were so eager to plan this session. Everything fell into place so perfectly. We chose a stunning indoor wedding venue in the heart of Nashville, the city K was born in! The simplistic urban vibe of the reception area (not to mention all of those floor length windows-a photographer's dream!!!) won us over immediately. Our beautiful bride model is a Nashville gal, actually from Knoxville, who has an amazing fashion blog (you should check out here!) and offers styling advice to every type of woman. We kept Alison's hair and makeup very simple because we wanted to showcase to brides that you don't have to be all sorts of "glam" to feel pretty. PS. Who else is diggin bridal hats?! We just couldn't resist. 

All of the styling was put together by T&K, something we are not too familiar with. We wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we could pull off a simple styled shoot by ourselves. (We even made the bouquet!) Our vision truly did come to life and we were extremely happy with the results. With the help of Rent Vintage Sparkle, the team members at Ruby, and Alison we had the key pieces we needed to bring the styling to life. 

Venue-Ruby Nashville // Model-Alison Saylor // Hair/Makeup-Alison Saylor // Flowers- Import Flowers Nashville // Rentals-Rent Vintage Sparkle // Veil-The Loveliest Bridal //Shoes-Jimmy Choo // Accessories-Hazel Candle CO & Letters to You 


M&N by Kendall Whiteley

 “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.“

When we met Mckenzie & Nathan we just KNEW that we would fall in love with them. They are the cutest, sweetest, and kindest couple on the planet. Their love story is on for the books. They met in high school, and started dating their senior year. They have been together ever sense. (Yes, high school sweethearts still exist!) After 3 perfect years, Nathan knew Mckenzie was the one. He got down on one knee in February and asked Mckenzie to be his wife. She may have been in her PJs but she, of course, said YES. 

Mckenzie wanted to capture their adventurous side for their engagement session. We chose to shoot at Roan Mountain, which is on the border of TN and NC. We hiked to the top right before the sun set and had the time of our lives. It may have been a lot colder than we thought (thanks TN weather!) but this adorable couple did not complain once! The chemistry that these two share is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Nathan could not keep his hands off his fiancee, showering her with love and kisses the whole time. They said they would be awkward, but PSSSHH look at them! 

We absolutely can not wait until their wedding day in September. These two will become Mr & Mrs at The Mill & Mine and its going to be the best day ever! The countdown begins! 

A&B by Kendall Whiteley

When sessions feel like you are simply hanging out with a friend, you know you are attracting the right clients! Alli & Blake are a perfect example of that! We left this session feeling like we have two new friends! Also, check out how cute they are!

Alli & Blake came to us a few months ago to schedule a couples session. After enduring crazy TN weather, we finally found a day that was beautiful-that made the perfect location for us to document their love. Alli & Blake traveled from Lenior City to hang out with us at Mead's Quarry in Knoxville. Having been together over 4 years, it was time for some updated pictures. After many laugh attacks, twirling until we almost puked, and *almost* falling over the cliff, I think these two nailed their session! 

We are so grateful that they took time out of their busy schedules to have their pictures made. Alli works in accounting, (so you can imagine how busy she is right now) and Blake works in a greenhouse (getting everyone ready to see those spring colors!). They are actually in the process of buying a house too, how exciting is that?! Now Alli just needs a RING! :P We can not wait to see the journey life takes this adorable couple! 

Amburn by Kendall Whiteley

F A M I L Y:

A little bit of crazy. A little bit of loud. & A whole lot of love.

We met Ashley a few weeks ago on another session and instantly fell in love with her! Besides being absolutely beautiful-she is an amazing mother, super talented (she made the adorable hoops laced in eucalyptus you see throughout her home), and she has THE most amazing family ever. We finally got to meet that family last week! Ashley decided to do an in-home session with her husband, Connor, and their 3 year old, Holston Patrick. We literally has the best time ever AND how beautiful is their home?! We were swooning the whole time! 

In-home sessions are so different than outdoor sessions because you can interact with your family in your "usual ways" in the place that is most special. Your kiddo can jump on the sofa (dont worry-we wil ask your permission first :P), you can have tickle fights, and feel cozy at the same time! That is exactly what we did with the Amburns. Holston was THE most adorable little man ever, we almost took him home with us! He looks just like his daddy + has his momma's silly side. Seeing these three interacting seriously made our hearts SO warm! Family is literally EVERYTHING because at the end of the day, that's all you have! It was truly special to document that for the Amburns. We look forward to spending more time with them in the future. 

Meredith & Brad by Kendall Whiteley

Since these two beautiful souls got married yesterday, we can share their secret ceremony that we documented last week! Look how beautiful! 

We met Meredith and Brad in 2016 (how has it been that long?!) when they tagged along to another T&K client's session. A few weeks later, we had Meredith & Brad (and their adorable pug) in front of our camera. Ever since, we've basically become besties and our love for them has grown! We have loved being apart of this amazing journey with them! 

Meredith came to us a few weeks ago, wanting us to document their *official* union. Since their real wedding would be held in Purceville Virginia, they wanted to say their vows + "make it official before making it official" in Knoxville. We couldn't say no! Especially since the ceremony would be held at the newly renovated Sacred Heart Cathedral. To say this cathedral is incredible is an understatement. These two were the second couple EVER to be married in this cathedral. How special is that?! It was THE perfect location for Meredith & Brad to share their emotion, love and commitment to each other. 

R&N by Kendall Whiteley

As you guys know this TN weather has been insane! We had to reschedule twice with Nicole & Ryan due to rain, so we decided to head to Georgia (where they are from) to shoot instead!

One word to describe Nicole, when we first met her, was cool. In a style sense (I mean look at her wardrobe-totally unique, I could never pull off!) and in her temperament. Not to mention how beautiful she is. She has the sweetest vision for her wedding day and we are thrilled she has chosen us to help bring it to life. She drove all the way to from Georgia to Knoxville to meet us and we just knew she would be a perfect T&K bride. We just could not wait to meet the man she would be marrying, this man of her dreams.

Months later we finally go to do so! For their engagement session, we met this magical couple at sunrise and it was worth the wait. These two wanted to showcase their love for nature by shooting during one of mother natures prettiest moments-sunrise! We loved the fog on the water, the birds chirping, the dew on the grass, and the quiet of the little town we were in. The town, Chickamauga, is a very small, old town full of history. It was truly the perfect setting for tons of snuggles, kisses, dancing, and finally getting to learn more about these two and their love story. We couldn't imagine a better way to start our day. 

Nicole & Ryan will be getting married in GA this April about an hour south from this exact spot. At High-tower Falls in GA, these two will become Mr & Mrs after 5 years of dating. It is sure to be a day we wont forget. We can not wait!

C&D by Kendall Whiteley

This session was very special to us. You may recognize this adorable couple. Chelsea is a dear friend of ours, boss lady, killer entrepreneur and now-soon to be bride! 

We met Chelsea a couple years back, when we first started T&K. She worked with us on some fun styled shoots and we hit it off immediately. Getting to know her over the years, we heard ALL about her amazing boyfriend, Dalton. They had been together for awhile and she was definitely smitten. Being in the industry together, we all were patiently waiting for Dalton to propose so we could start planning Chelseas big day! Flash forward a couple years and it finally happened! In December, Dalton got on one knee under the Christmas tree and asked Chelsea to be his forever. She said yes, DUH!

They chose to do their engagement session overlooking their city, Knoxville. We had so much fun dancing, laughing, twirling and catching up with Chelsea & Dalton. Seriously, how happy do these two look!? Chelsea is just glowing. The sun started setting right as we were about to head out. It made for a perfect ending to a perfect evening with a perfect couple. 

Now that we've shot their engagement session, the real countdown begins! These two lovebirds will be getting married in September at Holsten Hills Country Club. We can not wait to see just how beautiful it all will be.