Alyssa & Brandon by Kendall Whiteley

Last fall, Alyssa and Brandon contacted us to schedule an anniversary session with T&K. When we met with these two sweet souls, they decided on a T&K Destination Session-meaning we all could travel within 3 hours of Knoxville to our destination for their special session. Having celebrated their wedding day in October 2016, at The Foundry, they were desiring to seek a more outdoorsy look but still sticking to the fall foliage for their anniversary. The planning began and the countdown began! 

The months passed and TN weather (crazy as ever) kept us on our toes. It was 90 degrees one day then it was 50 degrees the next. Upon looking at the weather for Alyssa & Brandon's session, we flipped when North Carolina (our destination) was calling for SNOW! Alyssa & Brandon being the adventurous couple they are were up for it, considering their first date was indeed...snowboarding (how perfect is that?!)! So we all packed in their 4-wheel drive SUV and drove up the mountains. When we got to the top, we were in a winter wonderland! 6-8 inches of white fluffy snow topped the entire mountains. It truly was a beautiful site! 

We loved witnessing the random yet beautiful snow day but we loved witnessing Alyssa & Brandon's love and dedication to each other more!  I mean HOW STUNNING is this couple?! They are truly beautiful, inside and out, and have many many more adventures coming in their marriage. 

HAIR/MAKEUP | Whitney Evans Beauty

Kolonis Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

There really isn’t one “right way” to describe this wedding day. This couple wanted fun, whimsical, and boho (yes, even with it being during fall season!), and we truly feel that they nailed it. They wanted it to feel more like a party than a spectacle, and between the Big Love Bus chauffeur, donuts and champagne pre-ceremony, vintage lounge inspired cocktail hour, and the perfect reception dance playlist, they accomplished that goal! 

Here are a few words from the gorgeous bride, Madii, describing her wedding in her own words- "When A.J. and I first got engaged and started wedding planning, we knew from the start we didn’t want a typical wedding. We already knew this was inevitable because we come from completely different religious backgrounds, but we wanted it to be a day that completely reflected who we are. I’ve always been the type of person to do the exact opposite of whatever is “on trend,” and our wedding was no exception. Owning a wedding and lifestyle blog, working at a bridal boutique and simply being detail and wedding obsessed, I completely ignored all advice I was given. Less was not more, in my opinion, and every single detail was thought out. We did spend almost two years planning, after all.

We had a mixture of old and new throughout the entire day. I wore my grandmother’s ring given to her by her husband over 70 years ago on my pinky, and I also wore a garter that had been in A.J.’s family for generations. The earrings for my ceremony look also belonged to A.J.’s grandmother. These small heirloom pieces were our way of incorporating our dearly missed loved ones into our special day. The newer aspects of our day included two Hayley Paige gowns from the most darling Memphis based bridal boutique, Maggie Louise, a custom “re-made” version of A.J.’s grandmother’s garter by La Gartier, a stunning emerald The Mrs. Box, and beautiful diamond earrings (a first look gift from A.J.) for my reception look."

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Courtney party of 4 by Kendall Whiteley

As you all may know, the Courtney family has been a part of our lives for almost 3 years now. When we first started T&K Photography, we didn’t have a clue where our photographic direction would take us. This family made us fall in love with shooting families and changed T&K forever. We met Kayla, Michael and Willow when Willow was only 4 months old. We have watched Willow grow over these three years, we have witnessed triumphs and defeats together, we have laughed together, we have cried together, and most importantly we have supported each other through it all. We truly feel that this family is a part of OUR family.

When Kayla announced to us that she was pregnant, we were overjoyed. We were overjoyed that Kayla & Michael (and the whole family) would be able to share their love and care with another small being. We were overjoyed that Willow would be able to share life with a sibling, who we later found out was going to be a sister (even more exciting!). We were overjoyed that we would be able to document this journey of theirs from the start! We were a little hesitant at first because HOW on earth could we love another Courtney child more than we love little Willow?! Then we realized that the love we have for the Courtney family will simply grow even more as their family grows! So basically our hearts will explode, but we can’t wait! :P

This session is extremely special to us, and to this family, because it will be the last session with just the three of them. A celebration of the years they have spent together as a family of three. A celebration to end this chapter of their lives and welcoming the next. Kayla is due this month and she is SO eager and excited to meet Lily Mae (we are obsessed with her name). Even if she did not feel like it, we thought she was glowing during this session. She has strength and beauty that we have not yet seen in another person before. She is going to be the best mother of two. Bring it on Lily Mae!  

Jang Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

On September 8, Lexi & Richard became Mr & Mrs Jang. Held at the stunning Ramble Creek Events in Athens TN, on a warm yet breezy day, the day they had been waiting for (for years and years!) finally came to life. The fall color palette, full of lush purples and deep navy blues, was a perfect contrast to the bright white and natural wooden barn. The sentimental details, including a necklace gifted to Lexi that held the crushed flowers that were at her late grandfathers funeral, that were present throughout were thoughtful and so sweet. 

Lexi & Richard prepared for the ceremony in separate locations with each of their closest friends. They exchanged hand-written letters prior to the ceremony that sparked the emotions even more. Lexi is the youngest of four sisters and when it came time for Lexi to step into her gown, a beautiful two piece beaded A-line, all three were at her side ensuring her look came together beautifully. Which, of course it did, just look at her! 

When it came time for the ceremony, we were overwhelmed with the coming-togetherness of all the different friends and families who traveled from all over the world. It was so touching and incredibly meaningful to both sides of the families. Richard's grandfather traveled all the way from South Korea to Athens TN to witness the union between his grandson and Lexi. Witnessing the combining of these two cultures was simply amazing. No matter where each person was from, there was not a dry eye in the crowd as Lexi walked down the aisle to her husband-to-be. 

Hair//Amanda Wood | MUA//Roses & Lace | Florist//Fox & Fern

Johnson Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

AUGUST 25, 2018 | AKA Wedding of the Century

Having been together over 6 years (yes, we said 6 years!), we KNOW that Amanda was eager to begin wedding planning after Justin proposed on their Caribbean cruise! To be honest, WE knew she had been planning since the day SHE knew he was the one (6 years ago) and that meant this wedding was going to be perfection. AND it was! Every single tiny detail was thought of, the color palette was on point, the emotion was truly overwhelming, Amanda was the most effortless classic bride we have ever seen and the FUN we had was irreplaceable. 

As stated above, every. single. detail was thought about + the color palette was on point. The neutrals and earthy tones (seen in the bridesmaids dresses and the greenery+ centerpieces and the stunning creamy drapery) with pops of mild floral print or gold/rose-gold was a perfect way to add a bit of a twist on a more simple palette.  The handwritten vows these two read to each other during their ceremony were heart felt and touching. Not a dry eye in the house. It was like the last 6 years they had literally been waiting to tell each other these words. As if that wasn't enough emotions for us all-Amanda chose to include 4 first looks into her big day; one with her father, one with her brothers, one with her bridesmaids AND one with her hubby-to-be. All were emotional as ever but just look at those bridesmaids reactions! These girls have been with Amanda through thick and thin and they could NOT contain their excitement for their great friend on her most special day.  After all the happy tears, the celebration began! Amanda changed into THE most stunningtwo-piece, cinched waste, flowy reception dress (can you say #receptiondressgoals?!) and started the party! To end the evening, Amanda,  a singer with huge talent surprised everyone when she grabbed the mic during the reception and sung Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks to us all while we danced and cheered her on. It was way too much fun. Witness it for yourself! 

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Lauren & Blake by Kendall Whiteley

You may have seen our behind-the-scenes video shot by Evergreen Film Co. Well, here are the images from that wonderful session! This is Lauren & Blake. Engaged and oh so in love.

The second we met Lauren & Blake, we clicked. They are the kind of couple that shares their love for each other with everyone around them. Aside from being THE most adorable and beautiful couple on the planet, they complement each other so perfectly. I mean, the way they just look at each other made our hearts melt! They share a love for adventure, fitness, laughter, fashion and traveling that only best friends could share. They have been together for 5 years and this July, Blake finally popped the most important question and Lauren (of course) said YES! We loved hearing about the many adventures they have been on + the ones they plan to go on in the future. Now the real adventure will begin!

For their engagement session, we chose to put together a fun picnic for them to enjoy. We may have drank too much champagne, ate too many goodies, laughed WAY too much and twirled/danced/ran until our bellies hurt but we enjoyed every minute getting to witness Lauren & Blake’s love for each other. We know they will have a lifetime of happiness and we cannot to witness more of their love.

Styling | Vera House Events & Design Co.
Venue | Smith Event Centers-Smithview Pavilion
Hair | Karlye Kalinowski
Makeup | Jessica Hyde
Wardrobe | Josie's Boutique
Rentals | Sisters' Vintage Rentals & All Occasions Party Rentals

Spicer Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

"She had that kind of laugh that made him want to tell jokes forever." Keisha & Brandon. Married. 

These two met near the end of 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. It's not everyday that you meet someone who shares so many of the same important characteristics with you. Both in the boating industry (both passionate boaters), both have a masters degree, and both have Australian Sheppards (obviously this is most important). Seriously, it was a no brainer. These two knew the connection was incredibly real and that fate was indeed calling when they were brought together.

Years down the road they got to celebrate that connection by becoming one! Their wedding was held at The Standard in Knoxville and it could not have been a better celebration for this fun loving couple! Keisha & Brandon both knew they couldn't get through the day without seeing each other (how sweet is that?!) so their first look was nothing short of emotional. Once they saw each other, you could feel the joy radiating from each of them. The laughter, the jokes, the twirling, the dancing, the running, yelling, teasing and the celebrating continued all night long like we've never seen before. Fate says that when you find the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start right now. Keisha & Brandon's beautiful life started August 5, 2017 and we know that in the years to come they will be all smiles. 

VENUE | The Standard // COORDINATOR | Vera House Events & Design // MAKEUP | Jessica Hyde //  FLORIST | Motts Floral Design // DRESS | Davids Bridal // CATERING | Dead End BBQ // VIDEO | Rellek Films

Kalyn by Kendall Whiteley

Kalyn came to us for her senior portraits wanting something a little different yet fun + spunky. We knew then she would be a perfect client and we were right! Just look at this chick! 

Kalyn is a senior at Karns High School and is so eager to finish this year and start her journey! She has danced all of her life + has cheered for her high school for the past two years. Her poise and grace in front of the camera only confirmed that for us. She originally was super anxious to have her portraits taken (we assured her everyone feels that way at first!) but once we started, we SHINED! Her smile and laugh was so contagious while her natural beauty simply shined through. 

Kalyn chose the stunning Candoro Marble Works for her session because she absolutely adored the industrial landscape + the antique vibe inside of the building. Her style fit so perfectly with the unique look to this venue. We were surprised to learn that she did her own makeup because it looked SO professionally done! She is so talented! Kalyn plans to finish off her senior year, going with the flow, and taking life by the horns! We can not wait to see where life takes this gorgeous gal! <3

Mommy & Daughter by Kendall Whiteley

Summer ain't over y'all! This pool-side-popsicle session is proof of that! Our client AND beauty queen friend, Kayla is preggo with another BABY GIRL! What better to celebrate than with a mommy-daughter pool day before she makes her debut?!

As you guys know, the Courtney family has been apart of our lives since their first baby girl Willow was born. We have watched her grow, learn, and become the sweet + sassy 2 year old she is today with the influence from her amazing family. Although the Courtney family just knew they would have a boy, they were surprised to learn that Willow would become a big sister to a sister!! So that basically means these two will be best friend for life. Willow can teach her ALL the perks of being a sassy Courtney baby! She is already absolutely spoiled and loved + Willow calls her sweet Sissy Mae! (Her name will be Lily Mae, how cute is that?!)

Before Lily makes her appearance, Kayla wanted to enjoy her last summer being a mother to an only child. Willow is the one who first made Kayla a mother and these two share such a special bond that no one can break. These two wanted to celebrate that special bond with their favorite things; summer, POOLING, popsicle, bubbles, giggles and LOVE! We loved spending time watching this mommy-daughter duo creating memories that will last a lifetime all while Lily Mae got to go for a swim with them too. We can not wait to see this girl-crew grow!

FLOWER CROWNS | Winky Sugar // SWIM SUITS | Kortni Jeane

Amanda Johnson by Kendall Whiteley

Happy Saturday!! We can FINALLY (after struggling to contain our excitement for months) share Amanda's bridal session because this beauty-queen got married yesterday! 

Amanda came to us last year with desire for us to shoot her wedding and we immediately became excited because her style and aesthetic fit ours so well! When she told us she also desired to shoot a separate pre-wedding day bridal session, our hearts burst! Since she would be getting married at The Standard Knoxville, a downtown/industrial venue, she desired to showcase her love for all things natural and boho for her solo portraits. With hair in a loose updo, natural makeup + a simple flower crown, she become a stunning beauty+ an even more stunning bride. We think her vision + ours came to life perfectly! Just LOOK at how effortlessly stunning Amanda is!

HAIR | Jess Kilgore // MAKEUP | Whitney Evans / Dress | White Lace & Promises

We love shooting with our brides prior to their wedding day because it gives these beautiful women a chance to try out their desired wedding day look + try out being a bride for the day. During these sessions, the bride can see how her dress photographs, see how her dress + hair/makeup looks/feels, how comfortable (or uncomfortable!) her shoes feel, and most importantly-she will be one step closer to becoming a real bride!