Cassi by Kendall Whiteley

“Take pride in how far you have come & have faith and how far you can go.”

We photograph seniors all the time but when we get to photograph a senior that’s in OUR  family, it’s so much more special. Cassandra, or Cassi as we call her, is Tyler’s little sister. She currently attends Hardin Valley High and is insanely smart & beautiful! We are so proud of all she has accomplished but still can’t believe she’s almost 18! (time slow down please) She has a great plan for the her future so remember her face, you’ll be seeing it when she’s famous! :P

Cassi is seriously SO gorgeous and we are not just saying that because shes family. She is truly beautiful, like her momma, and it comes so effortlessly. Cassi did her own hair/makeup too! Doesnt she look stunning?! We went back and forth all week about what outfits she should wear + loved the planning process with her. We has too much fun with it all.

We chose to take Cassi to Craggy Gardens, our favorite Mountain View in North Carolina. Tyler & Cassi’s momma even came with us to see her kiddos in action. We hiked to the top, watched the sun set, and JUST missed the storm that was rolling in. It was the best day ever. 

C&E by Kendall Whiteley


We met Caitlin & Ethan last year to discuss wedding day plans + shoot their engagement session. We loved every minute of it and were pumped when Caitlin wanted to do another engagement session before the big day! She wanted a cozy, snuggly in-home session so we invited them into our our apartment! We laughed, danced, drank, snuggled, and documented their sweet sweet love. Seriously though, our job was TOO easy because they are effortlessly the cutest. (And can we talk about how STUNNING Caitlin is?!) We loved being able to relax and let Caitlin & Ethan simply enjoy each other. In-home sessions are the BEST!

Doing this fun session just got us even more excited to shoot their wedding day! They will be getting married on Tyler’s birthday (dont worry, they promised us cake :P) in December at Brother’s Cove in Sevierville. We are counting down the days!

L&A by Kendall Whiteley

Our original engagement day plans with Lindsey & Aaron were ruined by the crazy and unpredictable Tennessee weather. We reschedule for Friday the 13th (I KNOW!) and just crossed our fingers. We got THE prettiest sunset, the best weather, and much much more. Sometimes life happens and you just roll with it! 

We met Lindsey & Aaaron to discuss their wedding day plans and immediate felt a connection. We found so many similarities in our relationships as we started getting to know one another. Lindsey is a new wedding/lifestyle photographer herself (she is amazing, you should check her out!) and Aaron sometimes tags along to her sessions. They have been together 5 years just like us. Even the start of their relationship was similar to ours. During those 5 years, they have grown together, matured together and experienced this crazy world together. They are both HUGE into fitness and athletic training and have connected over their love for staying active. They both have this infectious energy that makes you want to smile! We immediately knew these two would be lifelong friends. 

We were SO glad that Lindsey & Aaron wanted to incorporate their love for the outdoors in their engagement session. I mean Aaron proposed on their tropical vacation so they HAD to go somewhere amazing for their engagement pictures! We hiked to the top of Max Patch Mountain while these two loved & laughed with each other during the sunset. To say we are excited about their wedding day is an understatement. We can not wait to see these two become Mr & Mrs at The Knoxville Botanical Gardens in October! 

Forstrom Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

We are so excited to share this wedding with you guys. We have our own client, the beautiful bride Samantha, guest-blogging this perfect day! Here is real bride Samantha's wonderful insight on HER BEST.DAY.EVER.

As a brand new fiancée, I wanted everything to be perfect and to have it all figured it out. I realized it’s okay to not have all the answers or not know what you want just yet. I learned a lot about the planning process by struggling. I was forced to ask myself, “okay why are you really getting married?” Once I realized that I was getting married to be with the love of my life all day everyday, I was a brand new person. My priorities completely changed and Lucas got really involved. It was OUR wedding and we wanted to plan it together. Our focus was the experience. We didn’t compromise on what we wanted and we were so happy with everything. Our constant smiles and happiness showed, and that made our families happy.We wanted our guest to be a part of something they had never experienced before. Our goal was to have our guest saying “wow! We have never been to a wedding like that!!!” The inspiration for our vision was each other's lives. I come from a Mexican Catholic background, but mine and Lucas’ upbringing  happened in Knoxville/Oak Ridge. We wanted to incorporate that as much as we could. Even better, it was all bilingual! I felt this was especially important to us, because we didn’t want anyone to feel left out! We were all one big happy family! I can’t put into words how much love I felt that day.

The most important thing to us while planning was making sure we stayed true to ourselves. It’s so easy to get caught up in bridal world, yes it’s a place. Magical, but slightly terrifying. We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of our love, relationship, and personalities. We really wanted to include our culture as well as our upbringing. I wanted a traditional mexican catholic wedding, but add some 90s R&B, and country music in the mix, along with as Lucas likes to say “bangerz”! Because that’s us. Our wedding was the perfect mix of Lucas and I. I couldn’t believe that our love brought so many people together. Everywhere I looked that day, I saw happy tears! it was seriously the most perfect day! On our wedding we have 30 states, and 7 different countries represented. How special is that?

VENDORS- Ceremony //  Sacred Heart Cathedral | Reception // Capitol Theater | Coordinator // Peggy with Heels & Veils | Florist // Melissa Timms Designs | Hair // Meaghan Emig | Makeup // Katie Hill Makeup | Cake // Art of Cakes | Videographer // Something Goode | Caterer // Portrillos | Wedding Dress // WLP & Gilded Gown // Bridesmaids Dresses // White Lace & Promises | Shoes //Antonio Melani | Tuxedos // Mens Warehouse | Paper Goods // Brent Rohen | DJ // Capitol Theater | Drinks // Pour Guys

Pargeon Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

Heather & Kevin, who are from Ohio, chose to hold their intimate ceremony in the Great Smoky Mountains at Spence Cabin. It was our first time shooting at this lovely, adorable and quaint venue. We couldn’t have asked for a better couple to enjoy it with!

Heather and Kevin are so full of love, laughter, and sheer joy of being with each other (if it wasn't obvious). They have known each other for 12 years but began their journey together four years ago. Last August, Kevin proposed to Heather in their favorite Tennessee vacation spot- Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Now that they have been married at Spence Cabin, this area is even more special. On May 20, surrounded by 20 of their closest friends and families, Heather & Kevin became Mr & Mrs Pargeon. 

The day was perfect from start to finish. We spent the day in the Smokey Mountains, by the river. The weather was breezy and very comfortable, especially by the roaring river. Heather chose a first look with her bridesmaids & her father (tons of happy tears were shed!) and a “pre-ceremony” shot with her soon to be hubby. When we have couples this laid back, the day is solely focused on their love and compassion for one another. They didn’t let anything or anyone get in the way of their celebration. That’s why, plus 1,037202504027 more reasons, we love these guys!

VENDORS-Coordinator // Team Wedding | Hair/Makeup //  Southern Sirens | DJ // Jim Ogle | Cake // Cakes by Bakin Bishop | Catering // Miss Lily’s Cafe | Dress // Wendy’s Bridal | Rentals // All Occasion Party Rentals 

Kockler by Kendall Whiteley

We have never seen a couple with this much chemistry. This was a wedding full of happy tears, tender hearts, genuine love, heart felt words and coming togetherness. Enjoy Heather & Jim's special day. 

We always say-every couple is different and every situation is unique. Our job is to be apart of the journey with you, be there for you, and capture the most special moments no matter when they happen. Here is a unique story for you guys! Heather contacted us in 2016 wanting to book T&K for her destination wedding to the Tennessee mountains in 2017. From day one, Heather & Jim knew photography was super important to them. Living in Florida, they found us through an inline search and fell in love with our style. After discussing their wedding day plans, we fell in love with them. Flash forward to 3 weeks before the big day. Florida was hit with a HUGE and devastating hurricane that caused Heather & her family to evacuate their homes leaving them without power or water for weeks. Sadly, they cancelled their 2017 wedding. We were SO sad but SO grateful that they were safe. 

Once life settled after the hurricane, Heather & Jim began to think about planning a wedding again. They were able to keep the venue the same meaning they would still travel to TN for their mountain wedding. They did not keep all of the same original vendors but they kept us and would were SO honored. After years of being together, waiting to become Mr & Mrs, they finally did the damn thing! Surrounded by 30 of their closest friends & families, who have loved and supported them since the beginning of their relationship, Heather & Jim became Mr & Mrs Kockler as the sun set around them. 

TALENTED VENDORS: Venue // Christopher Place | Coordinator // Peggy with Heels & Veils | Officiant // Magnolia Matrimonies | Florist // Sevier Blumen | Hair // Hair by Christi P | Makeup // Beauty by Blair | DJ // Stephen Goff | Rentals // Rothschild Rentals 

Roach Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

“When my dad got really sick, one of the first things that hit me was that he wouldn't be there on my wedding day. If you were at my wedding, you saw me walk down the aisle by myself. But I wasn’t. I wrapped his locket around my bouquet so that my dad could be there walking with me. Maybe it’s not the way I envisioned it as a little girl, but having a guardian angel is the next best thing.” -our beautiful and selfless bride Katie

Sometimes life doesn’t happen the way you want it to but when you have someone on your side who loves, supports and keeps you smiling-you have it all. From day one, we loved Katie & Evan. Their adorable story, their compassion and their true love. Katie is so kind and so genuinely beautiful, inside & out. The giant care for the people she surrounds herself with is so obvious. She owns Prima Dance Studio, where she teaches her passion to girls of all age. These girls came to support her on her big day and it that’s only a small glimpse into how special the day was! 

Since they couldn’t get married in Disney, where Evan proposed (a dream come true, am I right?!), they chose a place close to their hearts. A quaint & perfect family owned lake-side property. Their day was filled with huge smiles, laughter, love, dancing, singing, and a golden sunset. In addition to the locket Katie wrapped around her bouquet, there were heartfelt details scattered all around. Katie’s most important day was truly perfect in every way. It was a day we will never forget! 

Heather & Chris by Kendall Whiteley

"Sitting next to you is like taking a ship of eternity, the suns, the stars, the sky, never tasted so good."

Heather & Chris took us to their beautiful lake-side property for their engagement session. This is the land where Chris proposed, the land where they will build their home, the land they will start a family on, and the land they will start their lives together. How special is that?! 

We were so thrilled when Heather & Chris came to us to document this special time in their lives. Heather has the sweetest personality and THE best style ever! She has her very own blog that you can check out here (ps. its amazing!). Heather is from Washington and three years ago she bought a 1 way ticket to Tennessee to be with her favorite person-Chris! Chris runs a candy company called Sweet! in Gatlinburg TN, that you should also check out (so yummy!). Chris knew Heather was THE one and popped the question on December 29, a day they will never forget! Chris has incredible taste too (he must have picked up from Heather over the years :P ). I mean, is her ring not gorgeous?!

The chemistry these two share is so obvious and so contagious. You just cant help but smile when around these cuties! We absolutely can not wait to see how stunning the details of their wedding day will be and we truly can not wait to document it all. Heather & Chris will be getting married at The Quarry in Knoxville TN on September 1 and you guys already know it will be BEAUTIFUL! We are just counting down the days-dont mind us! 

A&R by Kendall Whiteley

Three words to describe our time with Amber & Ryan-easygoing, beautiful, and wemade2newadventurebuddies. We will be posting tons from this session because...just look at them...duh

These two are not just an incredibly hot couple (I mean, look at them?!), they are true partners in life. They love all of the same things-doggies, mountains, exploring, sky-diving, vacations, and living their fullest lives together! When Ryan proposed, in the stunning Colorado, Amber knew she’d be saying forever to a wonderful life full of wonderful memories. And YOU GUYS, can we talk about her ring?! That multi-stoned emerald is to die for. 

It was a no-brainer to choose a location in the mountains for Amber & Ryan’s engagement session. They are currently living in Asheville while Amber finishes up her schooling so we were even in their neck of the woods. We chose Craggy Gardens because we wanted to hike a bit, explore, and watch the sunset while popping a bottle of champagne! We been put together a few paper lanterns to send off while making a few wishes! We wished for these two to have a happy marriage, of course! The countdown to their 2019 wedding day is REAL, we can not wait to share with you guys what they have planned!! It’s going to be one you won’t forget!

Proffitt Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

"Take me to spring. Let the flowers bloom & our love grow."

8 years ago Megan met Brandon. 8  years ago they became best friends. 8 years ago they began their journey together. On May 6, after all the years of happiness, joy, love, growth, good times and bad times, they finally became Mr & Mrs Proffitt. A love like this is hard to find! Megan & Brandon are a perfect match in all sense of the term. We were honored that they chose us to document that perfectness as they celebrated their union.

These two chose Ramble Creek Vineyards in Athens TN for their marriage ceremony & celebration. On a beautiful spring day, the festivities began. The emotions were in full swing as soon as Megan put her stunning gown on. Surrounded by her mother, sisters, and besties, Megan was absolutely glowing. When it came time for Megan to see her soon-to-be-husband, she had all of the butterflies! He, of course, could not stop smiling ear to ear when he saw her. And let's not even talk about the emotional, tear-jerking, first look with her daddy! (YALL, I can not deal with how sweet their relationship is). At the end of the evening, friends and family from all over, from different walks of life, and even new friends celebrated until they could not anymore! Such a fun reception! We know Mr & Mrs Proffitt have a loving, happy, and FUN marriage ahead of them. We can not wait to see them again. 

VENDORS: Venue // Ramble Creek Vineyards | Hair // Alex York | Makeup // Katie Hill Beauty | Florist // Motts Floral Design | Dresses // Weddington Way & White Lace & Promises | DJ // Jim Ogle-Special Notes | Tuxedos // Regal Tuxedo | Paper Goods // Minted