Comford by Kendall Whiteley

Kaci & Taylor's wedding day did not go exactly as planned. It poured rain ALL day and the storm even caused the power to go out. Despite all of the craziness, these two did not let that affect them and it made their day better because of it. Kaci was constant smiles and Taylor was overwhelmed with emotions. Remember-At the end of the day, a wedding comes together because two people fell in love. THAT is what is being celebrated and THAT is what we love documenting. 

Kaci & Taylor met while they were both in school, Kaci getting her pharmacy degree and Taylor finishing up his physical therapy degree (did we mention they are pretty AND uber smart?!?). Their relationship started as a long-distance relationship which quickly became the most important thing to them both. Taylor made the move while Kaci was in Knoxville last October, asking her to be his forever, and she said yes! Soon after, they were living together planning the wedding of their dreams. One year later, that dream wedding came to life and these two finally became Mr. and Mrs.

Despite the weather, we absolutely adored every aspect of this wedding. Kaci had put so much thought into every detail and we were swooning the whole day! 

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Larue Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

When your industry friend, who is an amazing makeup artist, chooses you for her wedding photography you squeal a little inside! The LaRue wedding was to die for! 

Last October, we scheduled couples portraits with these two and a week later they were engaged! The planning began immediately and our excitement was immense! One year later, we were documenting their big day! Held at Ramble Creek, on October 12, Chesni and Alex celebrated with their closest friends and family while becoming one. With a little touch of bohemian and a pinch of rustic, their simplistic and natural aesthetic came to life. It was the perfect fall evening, with a gorgeous sunset and the most beautiful fall foliage!

We loved the non-traditional aspects that Chesni and Alex added to their wedding day. An emotional first look her Chesni & her bridesmaids prepped her for an emotional first look with her father. Alex knew he did not want to see Chesni until she walked down the aisle but these two could not resist snuggling and hugging before the ceremony. Instead of  a first look, we held a "no-look" and the best option was to blind-fold Alex. After the snuggles, these two exchanged handwritten letters. It was THE sweetest exchange to witness! This absolutely did not take away from the happy tears when Chesni walked down the aisle. Just look at that true love yall! 

Chesni Alex make the most beautiful couple and we know that they have many many more years of happiness together! 

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H&J by Kendall Whiteley

"The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly." Neither Hannah nor Josh could have ever expected to find their soul mates when their parents set them when they were just FOURTEEN. They always say mother knows best! 

We have seen so many wonderful couples over the years but none have seemed SO incredibly connected like Hannah & Josh. They are truly soul mates and they literally compliment each other perfectly. When we met these two for coffee a few months back, there was an immediate friendship between us all! Hannah is a chatter-box, like Kendall, and Josh is more reserved, like Tyler (also Josh & Tyler are way taller than us girls but hey, we don't care! :P). We could not wait to start documenting their love and learning more about their life together. 

During their engagement session, at the lovely Norris Dam State park, they brought along the most important member of the family-their insanely cute Husky, Mia! She was THE sweetest and maybe the most hyper (lol) pupster ever! We loved running around with her and getting tons of kisses! When we got Hannah & Josh alone, that true connection started showing. They made this session SO easy and SO fun! We could not stop laughing. At one point we had Hannah wispher "sweet nothings" into Josh's ear and she said "Let's get tacos after this." Seriously, they are #couplesgoals. I mean, after being together for 8 YEARS, if you don't still enjoy running, dancing, twirling and fake-laughing together then are you even meant to be?! 

M&K by Kendall Whiteley

Makalynn & Kevin are the cutest darn couple ever! Whats better than spending the evening with the one you love, on your families 155 acre farm, surrounded by the ponies that you helped raise? This right here is young, sweet, simple and true love. 

These two country souls met through mutual friends a few years back and have been together for 2 years. This May, Kevin asked Makalynn to marry him and next May they will be making that dream come true! For their engagement session, they wanted to incorporate a location that was very meaningful to them both-Kevin's family farm. This is the farm that HIS parents first lived on, (if you look closely, you'll see the tiny blue house that his parents bought after they first got married years ago) and the farm that he grew up on. It was truly amazing hearing about the adventures he had on this farm. Kevin even witnessed the white horse being born! 

We can only imagine how many more memories these two will make on this farm AND everywhere else together. They both have such kind hearts and joyous spirits. We can not wait to document their special bond on their wedding day. The countdown begins! <3


Josh & Ryan Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

"I guess you could say we were meant to meet on the dance floor. Now we will never dance on our own." Josh and Ryan officially met in Kentucky on New Year's Eve in 2009. Six years later, after living long-distance and reuniting in NYC, Josh and Ryan were living together in New York City when Josh ask Ryan to marry him. Ryan, of course, said yes! 

Having family in Tennessee and Kentucky, these two decided on a southern wedding in TN. They chose The Standard in Knoxville, mixing southern and industrial, for their perfect day. We knew these two would be traveling from New York, with tons of friends and family traveling from other parts of the country, so the pressure was on. Although, we found that their friends and family were just like them- in the sense that they were welcoming, loving, friendly and genuine so we left feeling like part of the family. 

Josh & Ryan skipped tradition and got ready together and then we took them to our favorite city spots. The handwritten vows read during their ceremony made us ALL happy cry and jump for joy all at the same time! They brought a little bit of NY flavor with their build your own tacos, provided by All Occasions, inspired by their favorite city restaurant. It was truly just a perfect day!  Josh's mother is one of the fabulous sisters who own Sister Vintage Rentals here in Knoxville. The sisters came together, with tons of their supplies & decor, to create the stunning setups you see! As we walked through each room, our jaws just dropped! Every detail in each room, on each table, on every sofa, and on every wall was not overlooked. Just look at that reception decor! Those hand-built farm house tables were to die for! But our favorite HAD to be the ceremony setup, which included 8 antique doors and ladders strung with amazing greenery (we also absolutely adore the antique rug). The Sisters surely did outdo themselves! Witness all of this perfection for yourself! 

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 // Videographer | Madison with Cedar & Sage Photography

Cole Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

When pure love meets simplistic & a little bit of rustic (I mean, Erik IS a farmer) you get a sweet, calm, easy-going wedding day focused on cerebrating that pure love.  Enjoy Kirsten & Erik's special day.

Held on a family farm in Dandridge TN, Kirsten & Erik + their closest friends and family came together to witness these two tying the knot. When we arrived, family members were all on board with bringing their special day together,  by decorating the barn, tables & tents for Kirsten & Erick. We loved witnessing all that love and support. As soon as we saw Kirsten, she was ready to see Erik (actually they were  both ready to see each other) so thats exactly what we did! We took these two in a quiet spot behind their ceremony, in the middle of the woods to document their first look. Once Kirsten & Erik saw each other they were ready to do the dang thang.

Tucked away in a woodsy cove, next to the farm, these two would be tying the knot. Friends and family gathered while these two exchanged vows, planted a tree that represented their growth as a couple, and finally watched Erik kiss his bride! We know The Coles have a lifetime of happiness coming and we could not be anymore happier for them! 

Alyssa & Brandon by Kendall Whiteley

Last fall, Alyssa and Brandon contacted us to schedule an anniversary session with T&K. When we met with these two sweet souls, they decided on a T&K Destination Session-meaning we all could travel within 3 hours of Knoxville to our destination for their special session. Having celebrated their wedding day in October 2016, at The Foundry, they were desiring to seek a more outdoorsy look but still sticking to the fall foliage for their anniversary. The planning began and the countdown began! 

The months passed and TN weather (crazy as ever) kept us on our toes. It was 90 degrees one day then it was 50 degrees the next. Upon looking at the weather for Alyssa & Brandon's session, we flipped when North Carolina (our destination) was calling for SNOW! Alyssa & Brandon being the adventurous couple they are were up for it, considering their first date was indeed...snowboarding (how perfect is that?!)! So we all packed in their 4-wheel drive SUV and drove up the mountains. When we got to the top, we were in a winter wonderland! 6-8 inches of white fluffy snow topped the entire mountains. It truly was a beautiful site! 

We loved witnessing the random yet beautiful snow day but we loved witnessing Alyssa & Brandon's love and dedication to each other more!  I mean HOW STUNNING is this couple?! They are truly beautiful, inside and out, and have many many more adventures coming in their marriage. 

HAIR/MAKEUP | Whitney Evans Beauty

Kolonis Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

There really isn’t one “right way” to describe this wedding day. This couple wanted fun, whimsical, and boho (yes, even with it being during fall season!), and we truly feel that they nailed it. They wanted it to feel more like a party than a spectacle, and between the Big Love Bus chauffeur, donuts and champagne pre-ceremony, vintage lounge inspired cocktail hour, and the perfect reception dance playlist, they accomplished that goal! 

Here are a few words from the gorgeous bride, Madii, describing her wedding in her own words- "When A.J. and I first got engaged and started wedding planning, we knew from the start we didn’t want a typical wedding. We already knew this was inevitable because we come from completely different religious backgrounds, but we wanted it to be a day that completely reflected who we are. I’ve always been the type of person to do the exact opposite of whatever is “on trend,” and our wedding was no exception. Owning a wedding and lifestyle blog, working at a bridal boutique and simply being detail and wedding obsessed, I completely ignored all advice I was given. Less was not more, in my opinion, and every single detail was thought out. We did spend almost two years planning, after all.

We had a mixture of old and new throughout the entire day. I wore my grandmother’s ring given to her by her husband over 70 years ago on my pinky, and I also wore a garter that had been in A.J.’s family for generations. The earrings for my ceremony look also belonged to A.J.’s grandmother. These small heirloom pieces were our way of incorporating our dearly missed loved ones into our special day. The newer aspects of our day included two Hayley Paige gowns from the most darling Memphis based bridal boutique, Maggie Louise, a custom “re-made” version of A.J.’s grandmother’s garter by La Gartier, a stunning emerald The Mrs. Box, and beautiful diamond earrings (a first look gift from A.J.) for my reception look."

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Courtney party of 4 by Kendall Whiteley

As you all may know, the Courtney family has been a part of our lives for almost 3 years now. When we first started T&K Photography, we didn’t have a clue where our photographic direction would take us. This family made us fall in love with shooting families and changed T&K forever. We met Kayla, Michael and Willow when Willow was only 4 months old. We have watched Willow grow over these three years, we have witnessed triumphs and defeats together, we have laughed together, we have cried together, and most importantly we have supported each other through it all. We truly feel that this family is a part of OUR family.

When Kayla announced to us that she was pregnant, we were overjoyed. We were overjoyed that Kayla & Michael (and the whole family) would be able to share their love and care with another small being. We were overjoyed that Willow would be able to share life with a sibling, who we later found out was going to be a sister (even more exciting!). We were overjoyed that we would be able to document this journey of theirs from the start! We were a little hesitant at first because HOW on earth could we love another Courtney child more than we love little Willow?! Then we realized that the love we have for the Courtney family will simply grow even more as their family grows! So basically our hearts will explode, but we can’t wait! :P

This session is extremely special to us, and to this family, because it will be the last session with just the three of them. A celebration of the years they have spent together as a family of three. A celebration to end this chapter of their lives and welcoming the next. Kayla is due this month and she is SO eager and excited to meet Lily Mae (we are obsessed with her name). Even if she did not feel like it, we thought she was glowing during this session. She has strength and beauty that we have not yet seen in another person before. She is going to be the best mother of two. Bring it on Lily Mae!  

Jang Wedding by Kendall Whiteley

On September 8, Lexi & Richard became Mr & Mrs Jang. Held at the stunning Ramble Creek Events in Athens TN, on a warm yet breezy day, the day they had been waiting for (for years and years!) finally came to life. The fall color palette, full of lush purples and deep navy blues, was a perfect contrast to the bright white and natural wooden barn. The sentimental details, including a necklace gifted to Lexi that held the crushed flowers that were at her late grandfathers funeral, that were present throughout were thoughtful and so sweet. 

Lexi & Richard prepared for the ceremony in separate locations with each of their closest friends. They exchanged hand-written letters prior to the ceremony that sparked the emotions even more. Lexi is the youngest of four sisters and when it came time for Lexi to step into her gown, a beautiful two piece beaded A-line, all three were at her side ensuring her look came together beautifully. Which, of course it did, just look at her! 

When it came time for the ceremony, we were overwhelmed with the coming-togetherness of all the different friends and families who traveled from all over the world. It was so touching and incredibly meaningful to both sides of the families. Richard's grandfather traveled all the way from South Korea to Athens TN to witness the union between his grandson and Lexi. Witnessing the combining of these two cultures was simply amazing. No matter where each person was from, there was not a dry eye in the crowd as Lexi walked down the aisle to her husband-to-be. 

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