Hello! We are Tyler and Kendall and together, four years ago, we became T&K Photography. We are a young *newly engaged* couple residing in Knoxville Tennessee, raising an Australian Shepard-Chow mix named Nero. Our passion, aside from love, laughter and coffee, is documenting the genuine & raw moments of life + developing them into photographic memories to be cherished forever. Tyler’s background in photography & business + Kendall’s experience with customer service & business management makes us the perfect team to do just that. We are silly and fun, a bit awkward, sometimes sassy, and we always ensure our clients enjoy every minute during their T&K experience. 

Sure, you've seen that that are tons of photographers to choose from. All of which have the talent to produce something beautiful. But what separates T&K Photography from the rest? We could describe our unique harmony, our experience, our passion, our quirkiness and our immense adoration for our clients but that simply isn't enough. We wanted each client (new and potential) to see first hand what you can expect from the T&K experience. Here's a behind-the-scenes look into an authentic session with T&K. To us, it's not just about the images; it's about the overall experience.

We are in love with each other but we are also both in love with this industry! Aside from our quirkiness, we take our business very seriously. Listening & communicating with our clients is incredibly important to us because each client is uniquely different and has unique desires/needs. Our commitment to our clients is simply immeasurable. We hope you have enjoyed viewing our portfolio. We cannot wait to meet you and add you into it!